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Dinosaur fans and leading paleontologists converge!

Dig into serious fun at Cleveland Museum of Natural History's 3rd annual Dinofest celebration. Visiting paleontologists convene in Cleveland to share dinosaur news and insights with the public. Talk with real-life dinosaur hunters, see fossils that aren't usually on display, and take part in special activities throughout the day. Visit the Museum’s impressive dinosaur collection in Kirtland Hall of Prehistoric Life, including giant sauropod Haplocanthosaurus delfsi and stealthy pack predator Coelophysis bauri while you're here. Detailed schedule to come.

Keynote Friday, November 11 7pm
Join us for Dinofest's keynote presentation, "A Pregnancy Test for Dinosaurs," with NC State University Paleontology Research Curator Dr. Mary Schweitzer. While we’ve come a long way in researching dinosaur eggs and embryonic dinosaurs, we are only just beginning to explore the questions of how and when female dinosaurs became pregnant. Call 216-231-1177 or visit cmnh.org/explorerseries to buy tickets.

Speakers Saturday, November 12 10am-5pm
--Dr. Jordan Mallon, Research Scientist, Department of Paleobiology, Canadian Museum of Nature - Musée canadien de la nature
--Dr. David Varricchio, Associate Professor of Paleontology, Montana State University
--Dr. Holly Woodward Ballard, Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
--Dr. Julius Csotonyi, Paleoartist and Scientific Illustrator

Dinofest is included with general admission on Saturday, November 12—$15 adults, $10 youth/seniors/students. Visit cmnh.org/dinofest for more information.

Dinofest is generously sponsored by Bank of America, Glidden House, Whole Foods Market, and John Kitto & JoAnn Bedore

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