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Sunday Night Restorative with Singing Bowls with Aimee

Sunday at 6 PM – 7:15 PM

Big Heart Yoga: 20010 Lakeshore Boulevard, Euclid, Ohio 44123

Join Aimee (Jinping) for a Restorative class with Singing Bowls! Everyone has a vibration that is a signature of their health and wellbeing. Similar to a musical instrument that can fall out of tune through use, our bodies can also fall out of vibrational harmony and potentially develop illness. Stress and negativity create blockages of a healthy flow of energy, showing up in the energy field around our body as lower energy disturbances at first and later as illness in our physical body.

Singing bowls are one of the most powerful ways to re-tune us to health, physically and mentally, since 70% of the human body is made up of water and the soothing and resonant sound created by singing bowls affects our body on a cellular level and takes us to a deep relaxation.

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