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Onkel Grumpy's Winter Schnitzel Fest

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Our Annual Schnitzel Fest is Here!!! Good Food for the whole family! Reservations are REQUIRED for the VEAL, Chicken and Pork reservations make our lives easier, and gaurentees food for every one.
This will be Buffet Style, $9.95 for Chicken or Pork, and $14.95 for Veal, Each dinner will be acompanied with 2 sides ranging from German Potato Salad, Potato Pancakes, Spetzel, Cabage and Noodles, Red Cabbage, Sauer Kraut, Mashed Potato, Mushroom Gravy, and many more.
As more info comes I will post updates, please call or stop in to make reservations, thank you!

Sunday at 1 PM - 4 Pm
Sachsenheim Hall - 7001 Denison Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44102

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