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For the Love of CLE: The Geography of Gentrification

For the Love of CLE: The Geography of Gentrification

Tuesday, July 11 at 12 PM - 1 PM

Cleveland Public Square - Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Gentrification has become a point of contention among urban planners. Some argue that benefits of gentrification far outweigh the drawbacks, especially in mid-sized cities. Others argue that gentrification primarily occurs in mostly white neighborhoods, leaving minority neighborhoods mired in poverty. Two neighborhoods in the midst of this change are Glenville, being rebranded as “Circle North,” making reference to its neighbor, University Circle, and SoLo, the area South of Lorain and adjacent to neighboring Ohio City.

As these neighborhoods bring in new young professionals and families eager to embrace urban living, what are the factors that attract new residents while simultaneously pushing existing residents out? What causes some neighborhoods to gentrify while others continue to struggle? Is it possible for neighborhoods to find a balance between attraction and retention, preserving diversity in all its forms?

Food trucks will be out, arrive early, grab lunch, and be part of the conversation.

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