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Walk All Over Waterloo in September!

Schools are back in session and summer is coming to an end, but on the first Friday of September you can take some time to unwind during Walk All Over Waterloo in Cleveland's Waterloo Arts District! Walk All Over Waterloo is a fun opportunity to explore the galleries and businesses in the district with your friends and family. There are art openings, live music, shopping, socializing, and of course great food and drinks!

This month’s event page is arranged from West to East so you can use this list as a path to explore from Waterloo and Calcutta to Waterloo and E. 161 St. or work your way up the list starting at Waterloo and E. 161 St. Hours vary by location. Please RSVP and share the event!

Praxis Fiber Workshop: The Impact of Blue: Cuyahoga 50th Creative Fusion Exhibition www.facebook.com/events/348298079448202/

Phone Gallery: https://www.facebook.com/WaterlooPhoneGallery/

Classics Sports Bar & Grill: www.facebook.com/Classics-sports-bar-and-grill-606150729772749/

Article: EYE CANDY https://www.facebook.com/events/1009605059378235/

Waterloo Makes Music: Tower Music Series presented by Cleveland Rocks: Past, Present and Future, Good Morning Valentine, Lawrence Daniel Caswell https://www.facebook.com/events/2484857928246164/
Callaloo Cafe & Bar: http://www.thecallaloocleveland.com/

Waterloo Arts: Dan Miller: Some Disassembly Required www.facebook.com/events/2306973212897460/

The Millard Fillmore Presidential Library: www.facebook.com/The-Millard-Fillmore-Presidential-Library-814063148615913/

Citizen Pie: www.facebook.com/citizenpiecle/

Pop Life: Free juice samples and class passes, outside of Pop Life https://www.facebook.com/events/2399185377067296/

Food Truck Friday at Walk All Over Waterloo presente by The Collinwood Collective https://www.facebook.com/events/1995369307230810/

This Way Out: www.facebook.com/ThisWayOutVintage/

The Beachland Ballroom: BoomBox • Crew Duff, Doors: 8 PM / Show: 9 PM, $22-$25, https://www.beachlandballroom.com/e/boombox-crew-duff-63078289863/

Framed Gallery: https://www.facebook.com/Framed-Gallery-179191319319944/

STAR POP vintage + modern: www.facebook.com/starpopcleveland/

Blue Arrow Records: (closes at 6 PM) www.facebook.com/bluearrowrecords/

Voss/Edwards Studio: 16005 Waterloo Rd.

SS&W Boardwalk: www.facebook.com/SSWBoardwalk/

Six Shooter Coffee: Leandro Castelao: People Drinking Coffee A Maria Neil Pop-Up Exhibition www.facebook.com/events/2306973212897460/

BRICK Ceramic + Design Studio: Cerama-Jama Staff Edition! www.facebook.com/events/2381628272056196/

Matt Shiffler Photography: Beer Tasting and Walk Over Waterloo https://www.facebook.com/events/2405423566336525/

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