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EPD needs your help!

EPD needs your help. Those of you who follow EPD on Nextdoor, Facebook and Twitter know to apply crime prevention measures, but many Euclid residents are not aware of how to prevent becoming a victim. Please tell your neighbors, friends and family to:

1) Never leave your car running and unattended in your driveway or at the gas station or store. Car thieves jump in and drive off. This happens every week in Euclid.

2) Remove all valuables from your car - everything, and lock the doors every time - even in your driveway.

Theft from Auto has become an epidemic and thieves know they will find goods if they try enough door handles. On average 200 Euclid residents every year are victim to theft from auto. Since more people leave their handguns in their cars, Euclid has seen an increase in theft of firearm from a vehicle. Out of the last 27 theft from auto incidents - 6 handguns were stolen!

Please help make Euclid a safer place and spread the message to be a better crime prevention practitioner.

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